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slider1slider1Are you a foreign investor
Wanting to build a business in the United States?
Are you a foreign investor with a market in your area
Ripe for importing products or services from the United States?
Are you interested in investing in a U.S. based business
and able to bring expertise and experience to the organization?
Patrick Mazor
Business and Investment Visa Consulting
Treaty-Trader and Treaty-Investor Visa Expert

Business and Investment Visas

Under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, there are three visas that apply to foreign business developers.

The Immigrant Investor Visa | The Treaty-Trader Visa | The Treaty-Investor Visa

The Immigrant Investor Visa

The first is well know because it is often called the “Million Dollar Green Card.”  But, what about investors who don’t have $500,000 to $1,000,000? For those, there are the Treaty-Trader and Treaty-Investor.

The Treaty-Trader Visa

The Treaty-Trader is specifically for investors who have a market in their home countries or regions and can help a U.S. business expand its operations and capture foreign markets for the purpose of exporting goods or services.

The Treaty-Investor Visa

The Treaty-Investor is for the business professional who has the capacity to invest in a United States business while bringing expertise to that organization which will help promote growth.