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Patrick Mazor has the experience you want and the expertise you need in a contract paralegal. Although he has worked with litigation, employment, and other areas of the law, his sole focus today is on U.S. immigration.

As Attorney Victor Rodriguez from Ft. Worth, Texas said:

Due to his dedication to the law and his deep-founded desire to help those petitioning for immigration relief, Patrick invested endless hours learning the many facets of immigration law. In turn, Patrick became so knowledgeable and skilled in immigration law that other attorneys would contact him to request his input and guidance. Although Patrick was supervised in handling our clients’ immigration files, I knew he was capable of handling said files with little or no supervision.

Patrick utilized care and compassion in serving our clients. On several occasions, I saw our clients praise Patrick for his hard work and assistance on their files.

Mr. Mazor has four remarkable strengths that he brings to the practice of immigration law:
  • His honesty and commitment to an ethical and moral approach to serving others.
  • His knowledge and experience with regard to U.S. immigration law.
  • His ability to know what the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services must see in a file because there is far more to this than completing the required forms.
  • His ability to think long term.

Thinking Long Term:

In 2010, some folks visited the law firm where Mr. Mazor worked with a not unusual set of issues. The family had come to the United States in the early 1990s from a country in the Eastern Bloc. Had they consulted a competent immigration lawyer at the time, they would have applied for and, in all likelihood, been granted asylum which would have led to Lawful Permanent Resident status and citizenship. They did not. Rather, they consulted a less than competent attorney who submitted an improper employment based filing which was denied.

20 years later, the adult son, married to a United States citizen, came seeking help. In 2011, the son was granted Lawful Permanent Resident (green card) status. In 2015, the son applied for U.S. Citizenship and became a citizen in 2016. He then sponsored his parents who became Lawful Permanent Residents themselves in 2017.

In 2010, when Patrick first met with this family, he said, “It’s a long haul but we can get there,” and laid out the very plan outlined in the previous paragraph. All of these filings were completed by Mr. Mazor under the supervision of three different attorneys and law firms.

Patrick has worked with the following types of immigration files:
  • Family based sponsorship:
    • U.S. Citizen Spouse to Foreign National Spouse
    • U.S. Citizen Adult to Foreign National Parent
    • U.S. Citizen Parent to Foreign National Child
    • Fiance Visas
  • Religious Visas
    • Ministers
    • Other Religious Workers
  • EB-4 Visas (Permanent) for Special Immigrants
  • Advance Parole for Humanitarian Purposes
  • Asylum
  • Application for Citizenship
  • Certification of Citizenship
  • Humanitarian Visas
    • VAWA - for victims of domestic violence
    • U-Visas - for victims of certain crimes
    • T-Visas - for victims of severe human trafficking
  • And, of course, E-Series (Treaty) Visas

If you have a client who has an immigration challenge and you would like to know what can, and even more important what cannot, be done, schedule a free consultation with Patrick to discuss your client’s case. Criminal attorneys are welcome to ask Patrick about potential client exposure under Padilla v. Kentucky, 559 U.S. 356 (2010).

If you would prefer to refer your client to an immigration attorney who frequently works with Patrick, please contact:

Shawn Twing
Mullin, Hoard & Brown LLP
500 South Taylor Street, Suite 800
Amarillo, Texas 79101

Shawn was Patrick’s supervising attorney when they were both with the Sprouse Shrader Smith firm in Amarillo.

*Please note that Patrick Mazor will not work without attorney supervision.